How it Works

You just have to register, create a budget, and a set of graphical visualizations will be automatically generated for that data.

Easy to Setup

The backoffice will alow you to easily create budgets, with an interface similar to an excel sheet, making for a gentle learning curve.


You don't have to restrict the data to a pre-determined restrict structure. It allows you latitude with your data.

Multi Visualizations

For the visualization of your data there are several unique ways through which you see it translated.

What is the CLOSER project?

At a time when voter turnout in Europe is lagging and public institutions struggle to maintain trust and legitimacy within a framework of a growing gap between citizens and public governance, it is imperative to shorten that gap, and the simplification of the communication of public governance decisions is one of the most important factors in accomplishing this.

In the context of local communities, the key organisations that are able to mediate the process of creating readable and trustworthy content from public decisions are local news agencies. They have the stability, the proximity, and the ingrained DNA to provide unbiased information, and can work as public enforcers of transparency in the democratic processes.

The CLOSER project seeks to enhance the inclusiveness of budgetary policies, increasing the participation of citizens, and to test the incorporation, in local news agencies practices, of the monitoring of public policies, by designing, evaluating and making publicly available a platform for translating municipal budgets into distinct visual news objects.

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Graphical representations

There are several components, translated into graphical representations, that allow distinct ways to look at data.

  • Cards
    A summary of the statistical information.
  • Treemap
    A treemap represents data hierarchically using nested rectangles.
  • Line Chart
    A line chart represents data using lines within a x*y axis.
  • Tabular view
    Displays a main set of data using a table with the values.
  • Heatmap
    Displays a main set of data using maps with its geographical distribution.
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Components Available

These are the components available at the moment. Several more are being added. Check back often!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try it out?
Yes. Head up to the Login page and login with the following credentials:
Passwod: demopass
Can I see what it looks like?
Yes. There's a demo here.
Are there any fees or hidden charges?
No. This project is absolutely free and open source.
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